Willem Liu

person (male)

  1. is a person of Chinese descent.

    "Willem Liu's parents are Chinese but he himself is born and raised in the Netherlands"

  2. is a frontend developer with knowledge of

    • TypeScript
    • ReactJS
    • NextJS
    • GraphQL
    • Styled-Components
    • CSS Modules
    • NodeJS
    • Serverless
    • SCSS
    • CSS
    • Git
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Hasura

    "Willem Liu is well versed in Frontend Development"

  3. goes to the cinema quite often

    "Willem Liu often goes to the cinema to watch 1 or 2 movies a week"

  4. likes photography

    "Willem Liu really strengthens the existing stereotype by always taking photos"

  5. someone who runs regularly

    "Willem Liu likes to go out for a run from time to time"

  6. has rediscovered Lego

    "Willem Liu spends way too much money on Lego"

  7. is a guild member of jQuery removers

    "Legends say that Willem Liu has rid a website of all jQuery dependencies"

  8. is always on the lookout for good coffee places

    "They say that Willem Liu is still roaming the earth in search for coffee"