Some of the projects I've worked on:


> MovieSom

MovieSom is a movie and TV series information database created for the most die-hard movie enthusiast. It allows you to keep track of what you've watched, how often you've watched it. Who recommended you a movie and when. You can catalogue the movies and tv series you own on DVD, Blu-ray and more so you'll always know which movies you already own.

> MovieSom News

MovieSom News is a website with which you can keep up-to-date with the latest news surrounding Movies and Tv Shows. The website is minimalistic by design so you can focus on the news. Open the app with a modern browser on your Android device and you'll be given the option to Add it to your homescreen. If you do so, your browser will create an app-icon on your homescreen with which you can start MovieSom News quickly.

> publishes the latest news and information about the stock exchange, financial world, economy, politics and business on a continuous basis. Visitors can compile their own personalised news page with the aid of keywords. All news messages, analyses, background articles and interviews created by the FD editors are available immediately to visitors.


BNR always broadcasts the latest news, but also touches upon deeper issues and aspects. Listen whenever you want, BNR is an on demand radio station. BNR creates news for curious people who look and listen further. Top-tier journalism with intelligent programmes, high-profile presenters, exciting debates, and playful entertainment.

> more projects

Find out about more of my projects on my Github profile.

Browser extensions

> Fd Cypress Recorder

Fd Cypress Recorder captures user interactions and generates Cypress test code.

End-to-end tests can become obsolete fast because of changing products which makes maintenance of such tests a time-consuming and high-effort job. This plugin makes it easier to both create and maintain said tests. Fd Cypress Recorder allows you to easily create Cypress end-to-end tests without having to type any code.

Cypress code is automatically generated via the functions provided by the plugin.

Noteworthy:, React, React Beautiful DND

> Universal Comments

A comment plugin which adds an overlay to the website you're visiting.

This allows you to submit comments to any website you visit. Other people using this plugin can read your comments left on that page. You can create circles in which you can post comments. You can invite other people you know to join your circle. Only you and other members can see the comments posted there.

This makes it possible to make separate circles for your colleagues, friends and family.

Noteworthy: GraphQL, Hasura, Heroku, React, NextJS, Zeit

> more projects

Find out about more of my projects on my Github profile.